If only the MNOs even cared about the quality of that 'dumb pipe'!
It would be amazing if OFCOM could arrange for the MNOs to feel the slightest impetus to complete the job of achieving comprehensive mobile coverage.
At home in suburban Reading, on EE (but also Three), I have extremely sketchy mobile coverage - it's not even reliably bad - I get 3 bars depending on atmospheric conditions, but often during a call (almost certainly during a long call) the signal will drop to 1, then 0 and I lose the call.
At work in Green Park, forget mobile signal from anyoneunless your specific network has installed a booster - which they won't sell you as a home customer. I get 5 bars there from the EE femtocell, but if I dare to wander out of the building, even if the outdoor coverage is OK, I lose the call in the handoff to the cell tower.
On the Paddington to Reading line, one of the busiest (and most expensive) commuter lines, there are 2 distinct dead spots that have remained present for at least the last decade. I've experienced these on EE and Vodafone. Can we not get this gap plugged?
Mobile phone companies should be rated by calls lost to poor connection - not notional '98% coverage of populated areas' based on outdated census information and an overly optimistic view of cell tower strength and reliability...
Definitely no more signal bandwidth should be allocated to MNOs until they can prove they actually use what they have!