I can see that you're setting cookies and collecting user names and email addresses, so I assume you're processing my personal data now that I've placed this comment.Would you be able to tell how shkspr.mobi is complying with the law and respecting my privacy? I've had a bit of a look around your site but I can't seem to find a GDPR compliance notice, or indeed a privacy policy of any kind.

You link to Akismet's privacy policy (https://automattic.com/privacy-notice/), but that doesn't tell me what you yourself do with the information your site collects.

I realise the GDPR has a personal use exception, but as far as I can tell one can't safely assume it applies to a blog on work-related topics, especially if it earns any kind of income (https://law.stackexchange.com/questions/28070/would-gdpr-affect-my-own-personal-website).

What does this comment have to do with your post?

The easiest fix would be for these companies to comply with the law and respect their users' privacy. That's what the law demands of them.

I write a blog in my spare time. For the reasons stated above, I believe it needs to be GDPR compliant, but I don't really have the time or knowledge to comply -- so I've been seriously considering geo-blocking EU residents.

If you know of an easier way to comply with the law, respect my user's privacy, and still serve the site to EU residents, I'm eager to hear it.