My resolve against the huge, greedy multi-nationals is gaining momentum every time I hear of these buyouts. One of the biggest troubles is that people keep seeing it as a stellar idea to throw money at Microsoft and the like; which enriches them so much that they have too much money to know what to do with it and hence, another fish gets swallowed.

I haven’t used Skype for a long time and will never do so again. My LinkedIn account still exists as a placeholder, but I can see myself removing it — heck, some bright spark at LinkedIn screwed up my profile, linking my company to a completely unrelated entity (I haven’t fixed it, it is a junk placeholder).

Oh, and Uber, not a chance in hell I’ll use them unless I am unable to drive myself and even then I am more likely to walk or use public transport. Uber today has “drivers”, but in the future, with self driving cars, it will be money for jam for a few elite individuals whom own Uber and not much for anybody else. The self driving cars will become much less maintenance types as well — the car will drive itself in, replace a few things like the battery setup and perhaps replace tyres from time to time and just keep on keeping on with less and less human support being required.

This latest, Github, I hope that (but won’t hold my breath), most people are able to see through the Microsoft loves open source lies and it may even be Microsoft against Github users, the same as it has been Oracle against Google (with Java, acquired from the Sun acquisition most likely for the significant purpose of pursuing this goal).