Hilarious. You just demonstrated to the world that Verisart is a complete joke.

Now pull the same prank on ArtChain.info. You won't be able to. Even if you hacked our database, it wouldn't matter, the hacked registration would be invalid on it's face.

Proving Verisart is a joke does not mean everyone in this space are idiots. It does not mean the bitcoin blockchain cannot be used to track provenance of art.

Of course an unhackable database can be used to track provenance when implemented correctly.

Over 70 artists (many world renowned) have already registered over 370 art pieces worth more than $4.5 million on ArtChain.info. These registrations will be valid and transferable as long as the bitcoin blockchain exists.

Don't really care whether you can understand it, or agree with it. I guarantee the rest of the world will.