The obstinance of your response reminds me of people who did not buy bitcoin at $200. Or who continue to avoid bitcoin. Borderline comical.

You did not register the Mona Lisa as the artist Da Vinci. Understand? You registered the work as the artist "Terence Eden"... get it? The digital certificate you created CLEARLY LISTS YOUR NAME AT THE TOP. Can you understand this simple fact? This means the digital certificate authenticates YOU as the artist. No one cares about any artwork YOU might register.

You claim you could register on Verisart as Damien Hirst and then register a work? Let's see you do that. Because unless you can... your argument is idiotic. If you can register as Damien Hirst on Verisart... and there is no way to prove you are not Damien Hirst... then Verisart is idiotic. But unless and until you register as Damien Hirst... please try not to break things you do not understand.

You imply you cannot register on Verisart as Damien Hirst because of copyright law? This is your dodge to my argument. But there is a simple way around this. YOU draw a smiley face so YOU own the copyright. Then register the smiley face on Verisart as the artist Damien Hirst. If you can do that... then you have "pranked" Verisart. By the way... if Damien Hirst actually did that... if he drew and then registered a smiley face... that smiley face would be worth more than your annual salary. Not because it's a smiley face... but because it was drawn by Damien Hirst. Get it?

Under our company's provenance platform, it is not possible for you to register as Damien Hirst. Why? Because you do not control Damien Hirst's website. Only Damien Hirst can publish his master bitcoin address on his website, and therefore only Damien Hirst can register with our platform. So even if you hacked our system to register on our platform as Damien Hirst, the registration would not be valid because you would also need to simultaneously hack Damien Hirst's website to publish his master bitcoin address. Eventually hacking Damien Hirst's website won't even matter because his master bitcoin address will become ubiquitous... like his email address or phone number... or even his name.

Finally, concerning your comment that a digital certificate can be forged... this is exactly the same as saying the bitcoin protocol can be hacked. The "certificate issuer" under our platform is the bitcoin protocol, and the users "credentials" under our platform is the bitcoin protocol. So funny how you say "we see it all the time with malware." Bitcoin is one of the most powerful inventions of all time BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE HACKED. That is the whole point. Get it? When you implement systems such as provenance using the bitcoin blockchain you take advantage of this unhackable protocol. If you disagree with this statement, or cannot understand it... I cannot help you. But the rest of the world clearly understands the value of an unhackable database.