In the UK, large sums of money can be bank transfered almost instantly. Certainly much quicker and cheaper than a blockchain transaction.

The Nano cryptocurrency has 0 fees, transact in seconds, does 7000 tps on the power of a single windmill. Please explain which bank can compete with that.

What happens if I'm scammed? I can go to judge and a transaction can be reversed. How does that work on a immutable ledger?

Do you know what happens when you get scammed by doing a wire transfer? Here in Europe absolutely nothing in reality. Yeah that's right. That your transaction will be reversed by the bank is just your (and a lot of other people's) imagination. It's called invoice fraud, look it up and be amazed how people are not getting their money back.

If the car I've bought is a dud, I can ask for my money back. If the seller refuses, I can ask my bank or credit card to reverse the transaction. Again, can't do that on a DLT, can I?

Scammers on car deals do person-to-person deals, no way you will see your money back. You don't even have the identity of the other person. You are going to pay $15000 with your VISA card to a private person? How exactly?

It sounds like what you really need is cheaper legal services and faster banks. Not a blockchain.

Or a DAG 🙂

I'm happy to say that land registry should be public - but seeing as it relies on a centralised authority (to uplhold land rights) I again fail to see how a blockchain helps.

I can communicate just find with people over snail mail. I can even perfume the letter to my girlfriend, so why would I use email? Everyone has an address, not everyone has an email address. I don't see email going anywhere soon, snail mail offers everything we need and more. A letter takes a few days to arrive, but that's no problem. Because if you need urgent communication, you pick up the phone. That one is still faster than email. Like I said, email is a hype and it's going nowhere.