Poor execution of a good idea doesn’t rubbish the idea. Blockchain and AI/ML face the same garbage-in, garbage-out problem. Human intervention is needed to verify/clean data/ input before in goes through a ‘chain’ .
Most compelling use case for blockchain as a game changer beyond crypto currency is this piece on tokenization of physical assets indeed such as art, real estate etc.

When stuff is tokenized, asset allocation and trade becomes frictionless due to interoperability. I.e you can have all these assets in one wallet and exchange them seamlessly and speedily across geographies. Example. ERC20 creates a standard where it’s possible to exchange/ transfer value of different types of asset from one instance. I can buy factional ownership of real estate , land or art etc from one wallet or trade these with other assets without having to contact lawyers, notaries etc.. all in a matter of minutes. Still early days but this is a compelling