I think it would be better for people to get an “allowance” for essential electrical items and if they “spend or use” over the allowance for any particular device, then they pay for the extra usage. But it’s a tough thing really, you wouldn’t want the government (through taxes) to pay for too many things; it kinda comes back to subsidizing an industry doesn’t it?
The trouble with bulk purchase is that it makes the non-bulk purchase cost the consumer more and that is less good when we are talking about basic necessities of life, utilities should be much more regulated and fairer for all people, not just those that buy expensive items that have subsidized costs via the manufacturer for limited periods of time.
Also, the richer you are, you can always pay your bills without any trouble (unless your life is extravagantly more rich), whilst poorer people get hit with late fees and no pay on time discounts.
And no, I don’t care for the Internet of Insecure Things. 😉