Noli scribere Latine imaginem describere

When I'm bored, I like to search websites for the "Lorem Ipsum" placeholder text. It's a quick way to find discarded pages and test content.

I was particularly confused that the UK's Post Office had a dozen pages containing that little Latin phrase.

Screenshot of the Post Office website showing lots of seemingly unrelated pages

A quick dive into one of the pages, found this enlightening snippet of code:

HTML code. The alt text of the image is in Latin

This is a monumentally inconsiderate thing to do. I can guess exactly why it happened - a developer got a warning from an HTML validator that alt-text was required. Rather than putting in a description which would be useful for visually impaired people (and SEO), they just shoved some placeholder text in.

If you run a website - please create useful alt text.

1 year anniversary update!
This still isn't fixed.

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