Noli scribere Latine imaginem describere

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When I’m bored, I like to search websites for the “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text. It’s a quick way to find discarded pages and test content.

I was particularly confused that the UK’s Post Office had a dozen pages containing that little Latin phrase.

Screenshot of the Post Office website showing lots of seemingly unrelated pages

A quick dive into one of the pages, found this enlightening snippet of code:

HTML code. The alt text of the image is in Latin

This is a monumentally inconsiderate thing to do. I can guess exactly why it happened – a developer got a warning from an HTML validator that alt-text was required. Rather than putting in a description which would be useful for visually impaired people (and SEO), they just shoved some placeholder text in.

If you run a website – please create useful alt text.

1 year anniversary update!
This still isn’t fixed.

4 thoughts on “Noli scribere Latine imaginem describere

  1. Have you reported this to the Post Office? What was their response?

  2. I’ve just re-run your Post Office search. Pleasingly, the results were “Sorry there were no results matching your enquiry. ‘lorem ipsum’ ”

    Less pleasingly, the “lorem ipsum” alt attribute text is still there, in, for example, the source of

    Have the Post Office “fixed” this issue by excluding the term from their search results?

  3. I’m slightly late for the second anniversary; but the “lorem ipsum” alt attribute is still on

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