In 2010 I catered one main meal of a two day event with 100% veterinarian food and 50% for another. I forget the actual numbers but around around 20% of attendees identify themselves as vegetarian. I know a few more are but do not identify themselves as such for some reason. All the food was really good and I did not make a thing of it. I am not vegetarian myself and I was not trying to make a point, I was looking for a solution to the vegetarian option be considered sub standard while avoiding the problem of running out of non-meat food early.

The feedback responses were interesting and I learnt an important lesson about interpreting feedback. The feedback was generally that there was not enough food on the first day. In reality there was plenty of food and we gave lots of it away to other building users. There was not enough food of the type the delegates were expecting and/or wanting and as a result the feedback was there was not enough food. I should say thank you to those who did feed back what they did as this knowledge has been so useful in understanding feedback for myself and others ever since.

So, will I do it again? Perhaps. It did solve the problems I was hoping it would but many were not as happy as they could have been. Having half and half did however work well and I wonder if that percentage could be pushed higher without any negative affect. I would consider an experiment by catering vegetarian and having a check box for those who wanted meat.