This is the advantage of an INTEGRATED home and a home full of “smart” gadgets. The ability to control a device with an app does not make your home “smart”. A smart home is a home whose different services work together with if/then logic.
-When I pull into my garage, turn on the lights in the home if it’s nighttime.

-When someone rings the doorbell, stop the music and ring the chime through the speakers.

-Turn off my kid’s TV Sunday-Thursday at 7 pm

-Ignore the maid’s lock code if it isn’t Wednesday
And millions of other situations

I am a Control4 dealer, I set up Integrated smart homes. 1 account to control lighting, HVAC, security, pool and spa, audio/video. And they work together.

When my customer moves, they leave everything and they or myself teach the new owner the system. Change their account over, and customize the system for their life.

Conclusion: if you have a ton of accounts for all your devices, just take them. A thermostat is not hard to replace, and a dumb thermostat costs $10