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I've never been a big fan of subscription boxes. They always seem to deliver too much (who uses that many toothbrushes a month?!?!) or the quality is too variable.

That said, I was intrigued by the offer of a bunch of British delicacies delivered to my gaping mouth every month.

So, what do you get for your twenty-five quid?

To start with, a big box full of straw!
Guzzl box full of straw

Nestled under all that packaging:
treats inside a box - some jars, boxes, and slabs of chocolate
I'm a filthy hippy - so I got the veggie box. The meaty box has some different items.

First up, Chocolates By Eloise.
Two 100 gramme chocolate bars
Handmade in Streatham, these are impressive chocs! The fig and orange was a subtle blend. The sour cherry had a much more intense flavour - although it overpowered the fennel.

Then, the spreadables.
Two glass jars
A gorgeous spicy chutney from Rubies in the Rubble. Sweet flavour, and just the right amount of heat.

The sweet spreadable is from Butter Nut of London and is a "luxury sophisticated chocolate and hazelnut nut butter" - not Nutella, then! Good on toast, not too cloying.

Next up, biscuits!
Two small boxes of biscuits
From Stag Bakeries. The Seaweed Oatcakes were tasty - but I wouldn't have been able to tell that they had Hebridean Seaweed in them.

The cookies had too much sugar on them, and not enough chocolate inside them. Slightly underwhelming.


Is the Guzzl box worth it? Totting up the cost of the items, plus postage, it looks bang on £25 to me. So you're not making great savings - but you are getting a range of interesting treats each month.

Every item in the box is something I probably would have bought if I was at a food fair. The quality is good and they're all items which aren't stocked in my local supermarket.

This isn't the same as a daily box like Graze - or even a weekly vegetable box - it is deliberately aimed at the "treat" end of the market


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