I installed two sonoff slamphers and are controlled by RF remotes as well as thru the eWelink app. I have a 3 gang RF controlled touch switch. in which I also control it with an RF remote fob, these switches have two wiring connections: live and neutral or ground. I’m planning to buy an RF bridge and am going to try if my touch switch will work with this. If it does and hopefully I will be able to control my living room light thru the RF Bridge. My devices are mostly sonoff except the smart power strip (Smartlife) and a single gang smart plug Broadlink).
What I like abut their product is that most of their devices can be controlled thru LAN if your connection goes offline and most of their plugs operate this way as well as their slamphers. I also like their 4CH and smart switches (in which I own both) especially their RF version in which you can control it by RF remote fob.