Thanks for the review of this. I was very curious when I saw it!

Any idea why there’s a limit to the number of items it can control? Does the device “learn” from other RF transmitters, and only have 16 memory slots? I was hoping it would be like a wi-fi version of the RFXtrx433, which will send any message you program it to, at any time.

On that subject, if it does learn, is there an option for repeat signals (i.e. keeping your finger on the remote)?

Thirdly, what’s the additional keyfob for? Given this device is a transmitter, I don’t get the point of this!

I use LightwaveRF devices with the RFXtrx433. And I use the openHAB binding to tie it all together. It’s a really nice, cheap, and flexible way of retro-fitting dimmer switches to the home. Well, LWRF used to be cheap (20 quid for a double dimmer), not sure if it’s still rock-bottom low price like that. Wouldn’t choose this method if wiring a building from scratch, but it’s a good low-investment way of getting smart dimming into the home.