The Twitter Logo As SVG Circles

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Five years ago, Twitter updated its logo and demonstrated that it could be made entirely of circles.

The Twitter logo represented by a series of overlapping circles

Interestingly, the official Twitter logo doesn't use circles directly.

So, here is an SVG I've made which is only circles:

Or, without the edges, and no transparency:

And the raw code:

<svg height="100" viewBox="0 0 100 100" width="100" xmlns="">
<circle cx="50" cy="50"  fill="#fff"    r="100"/>
<circle cx="35" cy="33"  fill="#1da1f3" r="56"/>
<circle cx="07" cy="29"  fill="#fff"    r="51"/>
<circle cx="35" cy="53"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>
<circle cx="23" cy="39"  fill="#fff"    r="20"/>
<circle cx="27" cy="40"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>
<circle cx="18" cy="23"  fill="#fff"    r="19"/>
<circle cx="27" cy="24"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>
<circle cx="53" cy="39"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>
<circle cx="52" cy="-17" fill="#fff"    r="51"/>
<circle cx="84" cy="14"  fill="#1da1f3" r="17"/>
<circle cx="91" cy="05"  fill="#fff"    r="19"/>
<circle cx="80" cy="07"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>
<circle cx="73" cy="-32" fill="#fff"    r="51"/>
<circle cx="72" cy="31"  fill="#1da1f3" r="19"/>

The eagle-eyed of you will notice that the lower beak is a different circle - and there's an extra one in the middle. Can you work out a better way to arrange them?

(I've recently become a little obsessed with SVGs.)

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