Fixing Broken Zip Files from Bandcamp - File name too long

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I recently downloaded an album from Bandcamp. On trying to extract the zip file using Ubuntu, I got the error "File name too long." This is a known problem with Bandcamp.

If you have a problem with long filenames in zip files, here's how to fix it.

Quick Solution

unzip -p -c "filename.ogg" > shortname.ogg

That will extract a specific file from the zip and then rename it before writing it to disk.

If you don't want to use the whole file name, you can use

unzip -p -c "*a bit of the filename*" > shortname.ogg

More than one file

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It is impossible to rename a file inside a zip on Linux - if the name is already too long. Every app will fail if you try to do so.

In order to truncate the filenames, you need to do two things. First, get a list of all the files.

zipinfo -2

Then we pipe all of those file names into the above example and rename them.

zipinfo -2 | while read i; do unzip -p -c "$i" > "${i:0:127}" ; done;

In this example, I'm using 128 characters as the maximum filename length - your requirements may be different. This also removes the file extension.

So, here's how to extract long filenames from a zip, shorten the name, and preserve the file extension.

zipinfo -2 | while read i;
  unzip -p -c "$i" > "${long_fname:0:123}.${i##*.}"

Thanks to ravexina for answering this question.

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