(This reply touches a few other posts you’ve done on this topic)

Since I for some reason can’t keep my fingers off of novelty domain names, I chose to test this out to see what my thought about it would be, after having actual experience with it (it’s still pine fresh, so I can only measure it based on the setting-it-up experience).

I used name.com to register the domain “shellstrom.tel”; there were no more than two Swedish registrars that would provide services for .tel-domains and since I hand’t heard about any of them before I just went with someone else that had a bit (or any in this case) footprint from the past.

After having set that up, I blatantly went and followed your design almost to the letter but instead chose to go with the Nexus 5 wireframe instead (thanks for sharing the process/choices you did, I’ve put your name up as a mention in the HTML). It’s not done yet, as I was more curious about the domain and how to start using it, rather than getting the most beautiful code set up.

So, here are my thoughts about this, and I’ll see what the future holds;

It’s weird to register a .tel domain. It personally doesn’t tell me a whole lot about what I’m supposed to find when going there and I’m pretty sure other visitors have no clue either. Since .tel isn’t an established term in pretty much any context, it’s just a weird domain. Really, there should be better alternatives to this. I guess the reason for why there isn’t, is that there’s not much interest in consolidating this type of information.
In Swedish, the pronunciation of this is going to be terrible. It has to be much more similar to “teal” than “tell”, in order for the other party to sort of catch the difference between what would be written as “.tel” rather than “.tell”. And then as a probable result, there’s going to be a lot of misunderstanding and spelling out of stuff. Which frankly sucks.
I’ll be including this .tel-domain in a lot of my future communication, as it’s now my de facto place where I have just this kind of information. It’s nice to have an only place for it, but as you said, it could in reality just have been any other domain.
I suspect I’m probably going to have to explain what the .tel is supposed to mean to the ones I share it to; I didn’t even know it existed until you mentioned it, and no one else will either.
Using .tel for lightweight contact information purpose… It’s a novel idea. I like it as a concept. The execution, however, I feel has proven to be flawed and failed and I can’t say I know what has to be done to fix it. It’s now just become another top level domain to compete with the rest.

I guess I’m going to have to wait and see if I get any proper use for this along the way. It doesn’t look too promising or even exciting.