Accessibility - you can't search Twitter for Alt-Text

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Twitter has recently improved the accessibility of its site. When uploading an image, a user can add alt text - a short description of the image for people with visual impairments.

Here's an example:

If you take a look at the HTML source, you can see that I've added a unique string as the alt text. That should make it easy to search for.

An HTML representation of the Tweet. Alt text is present.

If I search for the text of the Tweet - Twitter finds it without issue.

But if I search for the unique phrase in the alt text?

The Twitter search page showing no results found.


Here's my question - should it?

Twitter has an impressive advanced search function - allowing filters by sentiment, date, location, and language. So why not search by image?

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One thought on “Accessibility - you can't search Twitter for Alt-Text

  1. lizzy tarkson says:

    is that why the RGB twitter has all those mysterious alt-texts? dope~

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