I have an 'veteran' Mulberry tree in my garden which I erroneously yesterday told a Planning Officer might have been planted in 1603! Quite by chance after she left I found my notes from the Salisbury MSS Vol 18 page 422 headed "Mulberry Trees 1606 - Terms of a patent for Mulberry trees. To be for 2 years. The patentee to bring in only the white mulberry; plants of themselves and not slips of others; and of one year's growth at least; to bring in one million per year; and not to take above a penny for each plant. Undated endorsed 1606, and ny Salisbury "Mulberry Trees".
The people who sold me the house told me our mulberry tree had been planted in 1603 and the estates agent's blurb said that the house was built in 1540 - as a hunting lodge in the Windsor Forest (which it wasn't). The Woodland Trust have listed our mulberry as a 'veteran tree' but not as a 'champion tree' as I don't have documentary proof of its planting date. The mulberries are excellent to eat!