Hi Alice, thanks for your comment.

> What are you actually losing here that you can legitimately complain about?

This isn't about *loss* - this is about *control*. If I don't have control over how the equipment in my house behaves, it makes me nervous. Given the poor state of the Arris software, I'm not convinced that having strangers connect to my WiFi will be secure.

> At most it'll cost you an extra couple of pennies a year in power

In my last blog post, I estimated this to be around £10 per year. You're welcome to send me a tenner if you think that's trivial. https://paypal.me/edent/gbp10

> In fact, this would be a big selling point for me.

And that's the key point - it's good for *you*, but it isn't good for *me*. If you're round my house and want to get on the WiFi, I'll happily give you the password to the guest account.

If this is such a good deal, Virgin should have no problem making it an opt-in process. The fact that they're forcing users into adopting it and providing a broken opt-out process would indicate that they're not confident most users actively want it.