Review - Kula Shaker 20th Anniversary Tour 🕉

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I'm 16. My mate Pete has been humming "Achinta beyda beyda tatvaaaah" endlessly. I finally break and ask him what gibberish he's spouting.  And thus I am introduced to Kula Shaker. It was the first CD I ever illicitly ripped to MP3. It was my reference album for any audio equipment purchase. Potential girlfriends were…

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Virgin Media are hijacking your router - again!

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Virgin Media are trying to resell your internet access. Worse still, they appear to be doing it without users' permission. A brief recap: Back in 2015, Virgin Media announced plans for a WiFi sharing network. A user's router would broadcast a separate WiFi network and other Virgin customers could roam on to it via an…

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As befitting my status as The Cheese Lord, I decided to hold a Cheesemas party this year. What is Cheesemas? Last year we held a wine tasting. Which is a posh way of saying that we bought lots of bottles of nice wine, printed out tasting notes, and pretended we knew what we were talking…

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Headphones displaying album art

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A woman wearing headphones.

Many years ago, when I worked for a mobile phone company, a group of us were encouraged to come up with crazy ideas which the organisation could patent. I had one idea come this close to getting through until someone found an unnervingly similar patent and the whole thing was dropped. Well, it has been…

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