Converting RAR to ZIP in Linux

As ever, mostly notes to myself.

RAR is a silly and proprietary format. I prefer free software and I find that ZIP files are smaller and decompress faster. Not everyone agrees, and that's fine.
Assuming you've downloaded a RAR file and want to convert it to ZIP, what's the easiest way?

Install P7Zip

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full p7zip-rar


This basic bash script will

  1. Extract a RAR example.rar file to a temporary directory on a RAM disk.
  2. Recompress to
  3. Delete the temporary directory.


It is based on this conversion from CBR to CBZ.

echo "Converting RARs to ZIPs"

# Separate files using ␜

# Use RAM disk for temporary files.

# Set name for the temp dir. This directory will be created under WORKDIR

# Run using "./ /full/path/to/files/"
# If no directory is specified, then use the current working directory (".").

if test -z $1; then

echo "Using $SOURCEDIR"

# Create an temporary directory to work in.
mkdir $TEMPDIR

# Find all the .rar files in the specified directory.
# Using -iname means it will find .rar .RAR .RaR etc.
# "-printf "%p␜" will cause the file names to be separated by the ␜ symbol,
# rather than the default newline.

for OLDFILE in `find $SOURCEDIR -iname "*.rar" -printf "%p␜"`; do

   # Get the file name without the extension
   BASENAME=`basename "${OLDFILE%.*}"`

   # Path for the file. The ".zip" file will be moved there.
   DIRNAME=`dirname $OLDFILE`

   # Name of the .zip file

   # Create a temporary folder for unRARed files
   echo "Extracting $OLDFILE"
   mkdir "$BASENAME"
   7z x "$OLDFILE" -O"$BASENAME"
   cd "$BASENAME"

   # Zip the files with maximum compression
   7z a -tzip -mx=9 "$NEWNAME" *
   # Alternative. MUCH SLOWER, but better compression
   # 7z a -mm=Deflate -mfb=258 -mpass=15 -r "$NEWNAME" *

   # Move the new .zip to the directory containing the original ".rar" file

   # Delete the temporary directory
   cd $WORKDIR
   rm -r "$BASENAME"

   # OPTIONAL. Delete the RAR file
   # cd $DIRNAME
   # rm "$OLDFILE"


# Delete the temporary directory
rm -r $TEMPDIR

echo "Conversion Done"

That's it! I suppose it might be nice if there were a simpler way to do it - but this is fairly quick and error-proof.

5 thoughts on “Converting RAR to ZIP in Linux

  1. Jay says:


    ~/bin/test$ bash -x ../ *
    + echo 'Converting RARs to ZIPs'
    Converting RARs to ZIPs
    + IFS=␜
    + WORKDIR=/dev/shm/
    + TEMPDIR=rar2zip
    + test -z BabyGroot.rar
    + SOURCEDIR=BabyGroot.rar
    + echo 'Using BabyGroot.rar'
    Using BabyGroot.rar
    + cd /dev/shm/
    + mkdir rar2zip
    + cd rar2zip
    ++ find BabyGroot.rar -iname '*.rar' -printf %p␜
    find: ‘BabyGroot.rar’: No such file or directory
    + cd /dev/shm/
    + rm -r rar2zip
    + echo 'Conversion Done'
    Conversion Done

  2. Jay says:

    I found my issue. I was giving a file wildcard not a path. The path also has to be absolute since the script does a "cd" within it. Thanks for sharing

  3. FeRD (Frank Dana) says:

    I took this idea and made a few updates, including addressing the issues in the comments here.

    No longer changes directory
    Takes filenames as arguments, instead of a directory -- can be given multiple files, so if you want to use wildcard(s) just /home/me/Downloads/.rar /home/me/Downloads/.RAR
    Quotes all variables to protect paths with spaces in them
    Uses mktemp to create a new temporary directory for each extraction
    Uses rar to extract (my 7z command couldn't read rar files, ymmv)
    Writes the output file in-place, instead of moving it
    Preserves .rar file modification time on .zip
    Refuses to overwrite existing destination files
    Uses gio trash instead of rm, to remove the source file

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