Promoting With 💩

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One of the hardest things about attending conferences with multiple tracks is deciding which talk to go to. @hackferencebrum is breaking my heart, 2 amazing talks by @supersole with Servo and @etiene_d with my lovely Lua at the same time! #hf2016 — 👩🏻‍💻Karina Popova (@kary_key) October 21, 2016 If your friends are talking opposite each…

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The (Connected) House Of Horrors

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In September 2016, I was delighted to deliver this talk to ThingMonk 2016. This is the 20 minute distilation of my adventures Singing to my lightbulbs, hacking my vacuum cleaner, finding my car’s source code, hacking my electric car, getting hacked by my light switches, securing my security cameras, and a whole host of other…

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How Do You Sort Chinese Numbers?

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Imagine you have a series of number you wish to sort. Sorting is a well known computer science problem – generally speaking you compare one value to the next and then move the item either up or down a list. With “English” characters, that’s fairly easy. When a computer sees the character 1 it’s really…

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Should You Compensate Slave Owners?

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The history of slavery and its devastating aftermath is too complex for a simple blog post, but I wish to draw your attention to how slave owners were compensated when slaves gained their freedom. And whereas, towards compensating the Persons at present entitled to the Services of the Slaves to be manumitted and set free…

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Donald Trump's Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

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I don’t often venture into American politics. It is hard to know whether Trump is a master strategist – as Dilbert seems to think – or merely a chaos monkey. But, somehow, he seems to have stumbled on genius tactic. Trump has repeatedly called for Clinton to be thrown in jail. This has provoked a…

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Would anyone be interested in a retro-tech conference?

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The best ideas occur while drunk, don’t you agree? Having just attended the blisteringly brilliant Hackference Brum, a bunch of us were drinking in a pub and chatting about how focused on the future most conference are. There’s rarely any time to reflect on the past. That got me thinking… GENIUS (drunk) idea. Retro conferences.…

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How bad is Scotland's Computer Science Exam?

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Oh noes! The computer science exams taken by 16 year olds may contain errors! Computer science exam had coding errors — BBC News Technology (@BBCTech) October 17, 2016 As a professional computerist, I was intrigued to see what our fine young minds are being tested on. My memories of “computing” at school was being…

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The "Women Are Broken" Industry

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I get to visit a fair few start-ups. Some are hopelessly idealistic (my favourites!) some are hopelessly cynical. Recently, I got to spend a few hours with a new “Quantified Self” start-up. For the sake of protecting the guilty – let’s call them “Fronk.” Fronk have decided that women are under-served in the wearables market.…

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Deciphering The Iffley Knot

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Nestled in a sleepy corner of a 12th Century church in Iffley, is this delightfully modern sculpture. A large knot carved out of stone and placed upon a plinth. Look carefully and at the top of the base you’ll see a series of strange runes hewn into the rock. It was a soggy day –…

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Newvember – New Job!

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Welcome to my yearly NaBloPoMo – where I attempt to publish a new blog post every day in November. This year is likely to be challenging as I’ve just started a new job. As of last month, I am the Open Standards Lead at Government Digital Service – part of Cabinet Office. As ever, this…

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