Deciphering The Iffley Knot

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Nestled in a sleepy corner of a 12th Century church in Iffley, is this delightfully modern sculpture.

4 photos of the sculpture called The Iffley Knot. It is a large carved knot sat on top of a plinth. There is a strange script carved on the base.

A large knot carved out of stone and placed upon a plinth. Look carefully and at the top of the base you'll see a series of strange runes hewn into the rock.

4 photos of the strange script

It was a soggy day - as they all are in Oxford - when we discovered it, so we didn't hang around too long to see if there was any information nearby. Nevertheless, I felt sure that these carvings held a meaning. Well, time for a little analysis!

First step was to make the characters a little clearer:

The carved scripts highlighted

Zoom! Enhance! Isolate!

The script presented in black and white

While these aren't the Runic alphabet, they do have similarities. A quick scan shows a number of very similar symbols. It might be possible to do a frequency analysis, but there aren't many letters to go on. Some of the letters are clumped - which could indicate common pairs, or they could be single letters.

If you'd like a go at cracking the code, stop reading now!

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