Why should I, as a customer, be approving of the companies wanting me to replace every single way of interconnecting with my device for no good reason? Bluetooth is, and has always been, a PITA for users wanting to share files among devices of different makers. One needs to buy special cables to deal with every manufacturer’s stupid wish to be “different” (read: consumer-hostile). And no, I don’t want that Bluetooth radiation near my head whenever I want to listen to music for some time, nor I want that wireless mechanism being yet another potential vector for eavesdropping by authorities. And battery life is very short already. There’s no real reason for seeking to remove the standard 3.5 mm jack beyond squeezing more money from people. It was horrible enough to have had all those Sony Ericsson phones with their delicate FastPorts, and every other maker having an incompatible standard. The 3.5 mm jack has been a success because it works and really levels the field w.r.t. consumers having the choice of using the accessories they really want; it is interoperable, cheap and doesn’t consume much energy. But in the end it is American Millenials who will decide and impose their capricious ways to the rest of the world.