I've been there too, where I wanted to do more with a tablet than what Android or other "mobile" OS:s could offer on a tablet. I ended up paying a lot extra for a Surface running windows (and I had only ran Linux for ages). Surface Pro 3 in fact. Even with windows 8 on it I could develop in any language from my couch, on a tablet. That isn't something Android lets you do with convenience. The touch experience was almost perfect, even if it was a full-fledged Desktop OS. Very powerful hardware as well. First time ever I enjoyed windows.... without feeling ashamed even 😀

Then I tried Ubuntu-Desktop on it, as people had made drivers for Surface Pro 3. I learned then that linux is nowhere close (and probably never will be) to support touch-friendly devices (even with all touch-laptops out there since forever now). There simply has been 0 thought on making the linux desktop touchfriendly, at all. Ever. And ubuntu-touch isn't a standard desktop, as you noticed. There isn't even any usable touch-keyboard that can split in 2 half's on the screen like in ios, android, windows. So its useless for larger screens where you cannot reach middle-keys holding the tablet as a tablet, with 2 hands, and scrolling with touch in apps is horrible/non-working.

My solution now is the next version, surface pro 4 with win10 (which I insanely enough loved at day 1, being an old die-hard linux user) with even better touch support than win8. Now with ubuntu + bash out of the box in win10 since last week, I really do not feel I ever need a linux laptop or tablet again. I can now run any linux application, shell or desktop, and still have the best (only working) desktop-touch interface + run anything win-native that worked half-bad or not at all in wine. For me, my days of running a linux-desktop on my personal development devices seem over now as it is out-dated design on those desktop environments, even when it is linux I develop for. I only install linux on my servers (of course, never would I host my server-programs on any MS OS ....). Sad but that was where I ended up, had to pay a bit extra but it was well worth it when there are great solutions out there to what I look for in a device. I am still shocked that what I was looking for came out of THAT company though... I admit 🙂

Good luck finding a device that fits YOU.