Hi Lugi,

I know you and I are both big fans of Ubuntu. Let me answer your points quickly.

but a product to the community.

It wasn’t sold “to the community” – it was put on sale to the general public. It didn’t have a “beta” or “developer preview” label – if it did, I wouldn’t have bought it.

the problems you listed are well known, just research the community that there are scattered on the net.

They can’t be both “well known” and “scattered” – and that’s kind of the problem. If they’re well known, they should be fixed. I shouldn’t have to look up several sites, some with outdated information, just to see whether this device works.

For example apt is disabled by default for security reasons, you just download a tools empowering ‘and disables’ the write permissions of the file system, all this in order to receive the ota

Great! I now understand that. It would have been super helpful if that’s what the error message in the terminal said. If it popped up with “This is disabled for security reasons – here’s how to enable it” – that would have been fine. Instead I just got an error message which didn’t help me.

Firefox office and do not work without a keyboard

Firefox works on my Android tablet without a keyboard. Same as LibreOffice. If they genuinely can’t work on Ubuntu Touch – then tell the user that! I spent ages trying to work out why the keyboard wasn’t popping up.

but it was common knowledge

Perhaps this is the main reason I was disappointed. I don’t spend all my time on the forums, reading blogs, playing with previews. I spent €300 and I expected something which worked.

I still use Ubuntu on my laptop, desktop, and server – and I’m excited about using it on a tablet in the future.