If you've not already sent it back, any way of measuring how many watts that switch is drawing when idle? One of my issues with wi-fi light switches is all the extra, unnecessary, power consumption. Perhaps some of the better ones have a low power state, but…

For users with mobility issues, wouldn't it be simpler to have a second switch installed elsewhere in the room so they could toggle from one or the other (e.g. like bedside switches in hotels?)

I wonder if there's a risk of obsolescence too; does these switches use a recent wifi protocol?; can you apply software updates to the switch?; in the event of a power cut, how long until the switch "boots up" / does it remember it's previous state? There's no LED, correct? So how do you know for sure if the bulb has blown? Never mind what if the Internet and/or the Hong Kong Windows server is down / DDOsed etc….

So, um, not for me. (You know can still get those timers you plug in if you want the lights to come on/off when you're not at home?)