Hi Terence,

We're over a year on and what do you think? I've just installed a WiFi switch in my bedroom, I was lucky that all my house switches were metal and I guess a neutral is required for metal switches. While I am a little bit suspicious about where the data is going, it's fair to say the whole system has been massively improved and I've fallen in love with it. That app on your device looks dreadful to the one that came along with my device, which is surprisingly polished and functional. You have to register an account and I think there is some end-to-end encryption and a lot of it is handled by Amazon WS.

One thing I did notice is that the data seems to go home to China before coming back. I wonder if this is some sort of permission thing? I wonder if I blocked that IP whether it would still work. Only one way to find out I suppose. I've not spent any time decompiling the software. Rather I've looked into whether the firmware could be replaced with something more usable, and the answer appears to be switching to an open source firmware. Perhaps it is possible to setup a mini server at home that handles all of your requests. The only issue is whether you can integrate that with Google Assistant. For now, I am not too unhappy with it, but of course, the only other issue I can think of, is if the home server dies, the functionality dies. Lucky there's a manual switch eh? 🙂