I bought like 25 LANBON HS6 - My Experience:

-They do not support 200W as they say, they support less. Consequences: the device gets frozen (you press on them and do not work) OR it gets restarted continouslly what makes the lights turn on and off on by themselves...

-If you disconnect the Switch from WiFi it works perfectly: it does never reset and you can connect to it lights that consume over 200W. They work fine without WiFi (but of course you cannot control them using the cellphone app).

Considering this I am now testing SONOFF. I will have to use LANBON without WiFi... This was very frustrating for me and even worse: I installed this to a client !!! ... I am replacing everything with SONOFF T3.

Anybody used SONOFF T2 or T3 ? Did you have a good experience?