Wish I had looked up this blog earlier.
Purchased about US $500 worth of switches and plugs from Lanbon, though Alibaba. During my communication with the Lanbon sales, he said they sell a lot of devices in Canada, but never mentioned that they were not CSA approved for use in Canada. I got the Zigbee/w-fi switches and plugs
The first plug I tried to wire-up, though the hole for the wire, the little rectangular copper strip which is supposed to hold the wire when you tighten, kept rotating.
When I started my redress process, it was really horrible experience with Lanbon. Alibaba's service was excellent. I literally had to threaten and because of Alibaba, Lanbon reimbursed 50% and thankfully Alibaba chipped in with the balance 50% for the full refund. Now, have a bunch of electrical devices which will never be used!.
During my experience learned some valuable lessons,
Never trust what the manufacturer rep saz.
Ask specifically if the device can be DIY configured, so that you can use your own app.
Before purchase, I asked them if I can configure myself, they said yes. But after purchase, it became a No. Since I did not have it in the purchase contract, they were not responsible for that. Later they told me they would charge $10K(!), to open the device for my own configuration!?
If it uses a built-in app, that means, it is a closed system and your information will most likely be sent to China.
As a final note, if you purchase directly from china for any substantial amount, dot your i's and cross your t's in your paperwork.