I'm not spark orientated or hack orientated but I did my research and planned carefully.

I spent an exhorbitant amount of time talking to a Volkan at GLS before I bought their switches. All my lights are low energy LED's but nothing I have is lower than 3w in total per room as I did not want to have dimly lit rooms so I didn't have to worry about any less than 3W loads. In fact my worry was the reverse in some cases as some of my light switch setups were for much higher loads as in two of my bathrooms, they powered up proper heat mirrors (200W mirrors that give off infra red heat), which were controlled by both sonoff actuators (so they can be switched off in moderate or warm weather) and in conjunction with the GLS light switches also controlled in parallel by PIR detectors. That way they switch off automatically when people left the bathrooms. Did all the load calculations carefully to make sure everything was safe and well within limits so all my electrics are working as planned. Hope this helps anyone else thinking of doing something similar.