Sorry Im not a coder but an artist and I need to extract a 3d model from a pdf.
I don’t understand much about coding and all, so can you explain to me how to proceed in layman’s terms?

-I downloaded python
-Opened IDLE and I ran the program
-A window with some help instructions opens

Now, I tried your line of code “./ -t /3D input.pdf” and it didn’t work, even if I change the /3D input.pdf to /my_pdf_file.pdf ,
I tried to use it without the “.” in the beginning as well, to no avail.
I’ve tried using just “ -t pdf-file.pdf” and variations like “ -t /c/folder/pdf-file.pdf” or “ -t /folder/pdf-file.pdf” to no avail.

My pdf is inside the directory C:TestFolder. How can I access it with the -t command in