I reckon you're right. Lacking your tech skills it's a scary thing but I'll try to find a way to move my stuff to a server I control. Which, apart from the wizardry I do not master, even fear, brings another problem: I could use a shared server, a dedicated server or set up a server in my cellar and tie it to my internet provider. All "partners" are more or less prone to go down or be acquired by a larger body, like MS, FB, ABC (Google) or a cable company. Leaving me low and wet.
Them clouds, they're getting me misted over and want me retreating to a Nokia Communicator. As long as I can whatsapp I'm digitally alive. And who cares about my website anyway? Even me is lardy-assed to update it, although improvements are on it's way before 2016...
All in all: I agree but what's left to do for the average not-even-semi-tech guy?
(For clips you could use tech smith. I have an older version of Jing, making flv's but I'm looking into their other programs (exe's, app's whatever it's called nowadays))

I don't react too often but your mails are good eye-openers!