Old post but amusing nevertheless. OK, maybe you did not find it that amusing back then.

Anyway, you put all your eggs in one basket. It was bound to end up in tears sooner or latter. Even if you insist on using Gurgle's "services", I imagine you can very well do so using different accounts and aliases.

But the whole point of the web, as it was initially conceived and as it's still evolving despite those hoarding wankers at a handful of big companies, is that you can run things yourself and/or decentralise as convenient.

Google account? What for? I haven't got one and I live a rather fulfilling life.

In fact, I've got no online accounts with any of the usual suspects. One with my hosting provider, one with OpenStreetMap, one in GitLab (no, not GitHub), used to report bugs back to them (otherwise I self-host). That's the full extent of them. Back in 2004 or so when Flickr first came out I had an account with them, until they got bought by Yahoo. Never accepted the new terms & co's.

Email, XMPP, and self-hosted Nextcloud do the job just fine, thank you.