This is a good overview; but much of the current thinking and indeed much of the discussion is still rooted in how data is currently routed; ipv4 , its limitations, the client server architectures with firewalls and packet inspection at the edges; we have lost a battle in IPv4 but we are changing the address spaces, because we had too, and for a while we will all think old school We will think clients and servers because this is what IPv4 has pushed us into and it is what Govts like. But IPv6 is more than its change of address spaces , it is a change in our needs to 'pass through' something, IPv6 is an end to the need for central for many items of information. What do you do about privacy, about collection, about interception when the network is no longer top-down. The meme will change , information will not longer want to be free, it will want to be uninhibited.