I am not sure you should have taken that approach… I think he just don’t write too good, and you have personally insulted his grasp of the English language.

Definitely looking forward to the response though!

Also I wonder if you could legitimately argue that if, before buying the ticket you were told that the train would take 45 mins instead of 40mins – would you expect to pay £3 less? Now I get the knowing the arrival time before buying the ticket is a completely different scenario, but…

And just to add to your woes…. My current pet peeve about rail travel – London Bridge to Gatwick. 2 fares are available as there are 2 rail companies who provide that particular service. One is cheaper, one more expensive. However nowhere does it say which rail operator is running the “next” train to gatwick. Well it does on the platform by which time it is too late. Add to that, one of the rail companies is called First Capital Connect. When shown on the ticket machine, it is abbreviated to “FCC”

London Bridge to Gatwick £9.90 (FCC)
London Bridge to Gatwich £8.00 (Southern)

What if i thought FCC stood for “First Class Cabin” ? Which I did. For ages.