What's The Next Phone Box?

As I scuttled through Piccadilly Tube Station last week, I noticed a relic of the past.

Abandoned Telephone Booths

Where once a dozen-or-so booths greedily gobbled up the loose change of passers-by - there now is a scar.

What's the next thing which will be torn out of the landscape?

Petrol stations are likely to remain - even if just as places to rapidly charge electric vehicles.

Perhaps bus stops vanish as we use crowd-sharing mass-transit efficiently moves us around?

Litter-hunting robots which crawl the streets removing our need for rubbish bins.

Do we need safety barriers and pedestrian crossings? Surely driverless cars will be smart enough not to break the first law of robotics?

Should street-lighting be replaced with personal drones, discreetly following you and gently illuminating your path home?

The future will be strange.

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One thought on “What's The Next Phone Box?”

  1. James Heaver says:

    I don't really understand why motorways and A roads (or other roads without pedestrians) need streetlights. Surely headlights should be sufficient. You could even have streetlights automatically turn on in the event of a breakdown or crash, which could even conceivably improve safety as it would be a very visible warning of an impending hazard.

    Ticket barriers feel just a few years away from being defunct, with contactless charging. You could even add the ambient readers on the train doors...

    This is further off, but train notice boards may become unnecessary with our personal device giving all relevant information and directing us to the relevant platform, which would in turn reduce the need for main concourses - just wait in the local pub turn you device to tell you to go straight to the platform.


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