@rosemina in a perfect world, where the AIs mimic human behaviour accurately, this would be a good cloak. Unfortunately, as can be seen in Graphistry's visualization, the narrowly defined payoff functions that determine each bot's behaviour result in an aggregate pattern that is easily distinguished from the complex, contingent, and evolving behaviour of a truly intelligent agent.

Information diffusion is not really happening with these strategies. They are simply stat-manipulators, whose job as a collective is to skew automatically determined sentiment analyses for commercial or political purposes. While it may seem like your right to privacy is being protected, the fact of the matter is that your right to assembly and free speech is being actively undermined.

If you treat the portion of the twitter graph composed of intelligent agents (legitimate users) as a bacterial colony, a group of simple bots like the ones being discussed here can be viewed as analogous to a class of bacteriophage.