I bought the same device via Alibaba from Tingway – struggling already for a month to make it work. – Load SnapPea as your Android manager from Snappea.com. (Chinese version of Google Play, in English) I cant manage to connect the Desktop Snappea software to connect to the App Store .. but it installs itself on the DVR, from which you can download and install some apps.

My GPS software was Chinese. Wiped it and now loaded “Navigation”, however it only has certain streets but has some maps for Southern Africa. I frequently get “Failed to Install” etc. for Google Maps etc. and “Failed to Parse” however managed to Load Google Earth.

You can actually copy and paste directly to your DVR via USB. Connect USB – Go to USB icon on main screen, bottom right next to Clock. Then click on USB CONNECTED – then Turn On USB Storage. You can view it in File Explorer