At risk of being inveterate replier here, a couple new comments:

Although I thought I'd be "six-of-one-half-a-dozen-of-the-other" about it if you ended up changing the icons (at the top of page and below each tweet), I'm finding the text-options beneath each tweet to be both difficult to press neatly (I've inadvertently fav'd at least 3 tweets tonight when trying to punch the "replied to" link, as well as inadvertently pressing the "via Twitter Mobile Web" etc. link at very bottom of tweet -- actually had had that problem even before the icons-to-words change... Sort of a tight space there. And I don't have fat fingers heh, I got piano-players' fingers but even so, tight squeeze there, before the icon-to-words change but even more now. Maybe needs a wee bit more vertical room between those three lines? ("Reply/Direct/Fav/RT/etc", "in reply to @thistweeter", "via Twitter for iPhone".

Also, beyond that, and @jas0nbeats may disagree with me on this, I'm finding that my words-oriented brain is nonetheless 'feeling around' for what to press at the bottom if a tweet -- i.e. the Retweet, Favourite etc. I actually liked the nice fat star which turned bright yellow (very easy to scan a page for fav'd tweets) as well as the no-brainer quick visual of the big Retweet symbol, and all the others. I wonder how other people feel about this.

The top-of-the-page icons elicited an INITIAL reaction, maybe a minute long, of "Hmmm... but what ARE they? Oh wait, that's gotta be 'Replies', oh sure that's 'settings' heh.." (etc.), till I got very used to the top icons very quick. I don't have a prob with top now having WORDS except that they too are a bit tight space-wise; haven't mis-punched yet but it feels a bit precarious. But that's regarding it being a bit CROWDED, not necessarily a pref. for top icons vs. words.

OK that's a lotta stuff! A} I don't wanna be that "always-commenting-at-length-on-changes-details" girl, but tonight I really did have a hard time punching the "in reply to" link without punching the link above or below it by accident.


B} Don't wanna foster a feeling on your part of being in the position of the Miller in Aesop's "The Miller, His Son and the Donkey", with everyone wanting something different and of course you can't 100% accommodate everyone's preferences...

Those are my 2 cents, or probably $2.95 by now...

Still appreciate and love the "Retweeted by" info now being at the top of the tweet! It's great you're so responsive to people's feedback, and I think you should put the tweets on the donkey and get off the donkey and walk beside it [c.f. "The Miller .." as mentioned] hur hur