Hey again! -Again, enjoying the new design (esp. being able to upload pics & not having to go to the vile, archaic & inexplicably glitchy inadequate Twitter site to do so), but here are a couple thoughts on a few details:

  1. The "retweeted by" username used to be above the RT'd tweet, in a fashion that was quick & easy to read, & also happened to match the way I often read Twitter, which is top-down. I'd immediately see who RT'd the tweet, which is informative & characterizes what I'm about to read (in a good way). The new positioning of this info at the bottom of the RT leaves me wondering "Who the f is this person & how did this get on my feed? -Oh." -It doesn't feel like a "still getting used to it" thing, & even when I'm reading tweets from bottom of page upwards I still see tweet itself before its "RT'd by" footnote. I really think the old positioning is better. Now I'm always scrolling up-down "So whoTF retweeted thi-- Ah!" -It used to be great IMHO.
  2. I always preferred dabr's use of each user's USERNAME (e.g., @lonelysandwich) instead of their name ("Adam Lisagor") as the more prominent, standout & clickable name. I never liked Twitter's switcheroo of that. And now I see that's the default/prominent name in the new dabr design. Yes, one could eventually come to remember the "2nd names" of one's followees & correspondents, but I think the username (the one with the @ in front of it) kind of IS the main username. @neilhimself, etc. -In some, the non-'user'-name is easily recognized anyway-- @MattZollerSeitz = Matt Zoller Seitz, @BeccaPiano = Becca Piano, etc., but in many many others [as above], it's not.

Rather lengthy/wordy, I know, but when unshackled by '140'...

Thank you! Oh, & though I don't use lists very often, I'm very glad you reinstated them. To this point I mostly use 'em to see who added me to what list, but I have lists of my own too.

Thanks for all you do! Every time I use Twitter.com site I am both boggled at its failures & inadequacies & reminded of dabr's intelligent features/ design.