Is it all about quantity though? Personally, I’ve replayed Monument Valley, got my dad to play (who’s never played an iPad game in his life, bar helping my nephew play Thomas the Tank Engine memory games), showed my artist sisters, and thought about afterwards with great glee of how beautiful and calm it was.

Sure, you could get two Transformers for the price of one Monument Valley, but let’s face it, Transformers is shit. In the same way, I could get three Little Chef burgers for the price of one good quality, no-mystery-meat burger. Yes, I could support the behemoth King that created Candy Crush (and whatever other games they ripped off from small developers) and be nagged to buy goddamn gems every two levels, or I could support a smaller, funkier London-based company that is building something precious.

I don’t really buy into the “swanky” factor and my eyes nearly roll out of their sockets when I enter a London cocktail bar. I also agree that some games and apps are vastly overrated and overpriced. But I’m holding on to Monument Valley as one of those special games that made me smile and stop being jaded about games for an hour or two. 🙂