Review: The Tiny Cubox Computer

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It's not often that you get to play with a computer which is smaller than its own plug! This is the Cubox from Solid-Run. An impossibly tiny PC which is pitched at the hobbyist and developer market. This will be a quick review based on half a day of mucking about with it. A Warning…

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Don't Spend £800 on a Japanese Toilet - Buy a £30 Bidet

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There was a fascinating article on HackerNews this morning about Japanese toilets. As someone who does his best thinking on the can, I've often wondered about "investing" in super Japanese-style loo seat. The problem is, once you factor in plumbing and electrical work, they cost around £800! That's a lot of cash to pay without…

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USB Cables, Lightning Ports, and Foreskins

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What does the design of cables tell us about the men who invented them? Computer designers often strictly gender the components they create. The most obvious example is the motherboard - the central hub of the computer from which all electronic life descends. As well as circuit boards (often called daughter-boards) - cables are also…

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