Mydex XSS Flaw (Disclosed & Fixed)

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Ever heard of Mydex? Here's how they describe themselves: Mydex provides the individual with a hyper-secure storage area to enable them to manage their personal data, including text, numbers, images, video, certificates and sound. No-one but the individual can access or see the data. Not just secure, but hyper-secure! They've been signed up by the… Continue reading →

Why My Mother Bought A BlackBerry Torch

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My mother loves her BlackBerry, even though it is one of my cast offs. Sadly, her ancient Torch finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. We spent some time trying to work out the best phone for her before, eventually, settling on.... another BlackBerry Torch! Why? My mum has an Android tablet which… Continue reading →

Should GOV.UK Run A Bug Bounty?

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Cyber Security is of vital national importance. As the United Kingdom places more of its infrastructure onto the Internet, bugs and glitches go from minor inconveniences to full scale national emergencies. Suppose, for a moment, that a hacker were to interrupt payment processing for banks, or tamper with the UK's water supply, or cut off… Continue reading →