Watching the video ( made me skeptical. She was talking about JQuery. How is “learning to code” and using JQuery in your first day (it didn’t seem like they were long in their lessons) a good thing? What about variables? Function? How to write small methods. OOP.

It seemed a little bit like an introduction lesson for fun. Like what could happen if you see a “scientific” mixing some products together and it makes a beautiful reaction. You don’t really know what caused it, it won’t make you a “scientific”, but it can still be fun. Maybe you’ll want to be a scientific after this? But is it really depicting what being a scientific is? It seems to me that it’s just one small part of a bigger profession. But is it bad to do this? Honestly, I don’t have the answer.

Also, we are losing more and more the ability to understand the inner workings of computer programming. How is it stored in memory? What’s a bit VS a byte? Web servers now are so fast that programmers don’t really take the time to learn that stuff. Just adding more RAM to the computer is less complicated. But they’ll get into trouble trying to program for “small computers” like phones and probably watches and other smaller materials coming into our lives.

That being said, I think that it would be good if children learned “how to code” the “right way”. Now the right way isn’t easy to define, but it should look like how we learned mathematics at school.

By the way, I think “Logo Turtle” is in fact “Logo Writer”? I also played a little bit with that turtle when I was younger 😉