Hi Terence,

Thanks for posting this.
I understand your frustration.

I run several mail servers, none of which are blacklisted on any lists that I can find. I work very hard to keep my servers’ reputation positive. I have succeeded at this for many years!

I now have a client that received a bounce notification when attempting to email one of their own clients.

“501 Connection rejected by policy [7.7] 3713, please visit
http://www.messagelabs.com/support for more details about this error message.”

The message was not very helpful so I had to contact Symantec directly.
They were hardly helpful at all. They acknowledged that my server should not be blocked but they refused to take any action based on contact from me because……. I’M NOT A CLIENT OF THEIRS! An absolutely ludicrous policy, if you ask me.

So I have attempted to do what they suggested, which is to contact my client and ask them to ask their client if they can contact their IT department, and have them make the request to unblock my server (*takes a breath*). Of course, this has not gone down well with my client, and after several attempts at clarifying the issue with his client, they really don’t want to know about it. Can’t say I blame them.

So now I am at the mercy of Symantec’s silly policy and there is literally nothing I can do about it. My client is blaming me in part, and can’t say I blame them! I’m likely to lose them as a client because of this one incident (the client they are trying to communicate with is very valuable to them).

I have made several requests to Symantec, but each time I get the same response: “We must adhere to our policy”.
“Well, your policy makes no sense in the real world.” They really don’t seem to care, although I get the impression from their staff that they know this is insane (from their first response to me): “Unfortunately, according to our records you are not listed as a valid contact that can discuss an account with Symantec so the quickest way to have this issue resolved is to contact the intended recipient (perhaps using a different email address or phone where appropriate for you) and have them raise a case with our support team. *This may sound unhelpful and we really don’t want to be perceived as such however, we take the general security of our service and client data very seriously and need to prove that in this case*.”

It seems that Symantec would like to provide an inconvenience to their clients, rather than a service!

It’s insane, and it will kill small operators like me slowly but surely.

Thanks for sharing…… glad I’m not the only frustrated admin. I hope you have fewer problems with this in future!