Let's get the IEC Power Symbol into Unicode

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I've just launched a campaign to get the IEC Power Symbol into Unicode!
IEC5009 Standby Symbol

A couple of months ago, I asked this question on HackerNews

I was looking for the electrical "standby" symbol - AKA IEC5009 / IEEE1621. You know, the circle with the line through it. The one that's on every single bloody piece of electronic equipment produced since the mid-1970s.

It's not in the Unicode standard.

I can, if I want, have a snowman ☃ or a reversed rotated floral bullet ☙.

What other useful and/or important symbols are missing from Unicode?

Well, Joe Loughry took up the challenge and, with the gracious help of Bruce Nordman, wrote up a proposal which has been submitted to the Unicode consortium!

The proposal will be considered in early February - and I'll let you all know the outcome.

In the meantime, we've created a Web Font which you can use if you want to display the symbols.

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