Samsung's Bug Bounty

Earlier this year I found a security flaw in Samsung's handsets. Of course, I responsibly reported the flaw to them. It would have been nice if Samsung offered a Bug Bounty like so many other companies - but I was satisfied having helped save the world in my own small way.

However, last week I received an unexpected email from Samsung:

This year you helped us secure Samsung mobile devices for our customers and would like to thank you for your contribution. As a small token of appreciation, we would like to send you the latest Samsung mobile device for your use or research.

Coo-eee! I watched as a DHL delivery made its way from Seoul to Leipzig to London to me. When it finally arrived it was robustly packaged...

Mystery Box
How the hell do I open this? I don't a crowbar (mostly due to me not being a 19th century sailor)

Aha! I know!

"Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?"
"Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more."

And I don't have an axe either...

Danger - sharp bits. Now, what's in the box?

Another box!
Box in a box
Just like a Matryoshka doll!

Yet another wooden box
Box in a box in a box
This one is slightly more exciting...

And not *exactly* made of wood...
Not real wood
Note 3

Huge thanks to Samsung for this lovely gift - the harder the package is to crack, the sweeter the prize inside.

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