Nelson Mandela says "Check Your Privilege"

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During my commute home I like to listen to podcasts. The London School of Economics has a regular lecture series which it is gracious enough to record and podcast.

The lectures are consistently interesting - although of inconsistent audio quality - and offer a fascinating glimpse into the minds of its speakers.

Last night, the crackly audio gave way to a familiar voice; Nelson Mandela.

In this lecture from April 2000, Mandela talks about how people should comment on and judge African leaders.

One of the key point that he makes is that leaders like him came from a family with no history of education. He went to school hungry and unable to concentrate. The schooling he received was not in a fully equipped classroom, nor did he have dedicated teachers. Crucially, the language of education was not the same language as he spoke at home.

To me, it's almost the perfect "check your privilege" to journalists, world leaders, and anyone watching.

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One thought on “Nelson Mandela says "Check Your Privilege"

  1. roger says:

    interesting. its a different world. his name of nelson was chosen by his first primary school teacher


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